First, let’s introduce the 16-0 Starts Now crazy Canadians.

We have been die hard fans of our beloved Cleveland Browns since the 2010 Patriots blowout with Peyton Hillis and Colt McCoy leading the way. This was one hell of an introduction to the experience of a live NFL game for us and how couldn’t we fall in love with that team, our team ! I would say the magma wings at the Winking Lizard might have helped too, but that was just icing on the cake !

Now, back to where I wanted to go.

Black Monday no more…

While several teams are ousting their head coach today, our godsent GM did a couple months ago. That move helped our young core to learn how to win in the NFL and god, we did learned a lot about winning in those last six games. Divisional winning record, Thursday night win in Denver, three game winning streak, how about that Dawg ! I embraced the “If it’s not break, don’t fix it” mindset right now as I love the way the team responded in the second half with Gregg Williams and Freddie Kitchens. Our OC knows how to get his players fired up and an experienced coach who wants to be there should be kept in my opinion.

However, I think we are looking at a Bright Monday no matter what. Do I really need to convince any of you that M. Dorsey will make the right call on the coaching search? In a single year he changed the culture with several roster moves and made the right pick at number one with Baker Mayfield. Yes, our franchise QB that just broke the most TD pass rookie record held by an Hall of fame QB and Russell Wilson, all of that, in just 13 starts. I would love keep the actual coaching staff, but if M. Dorsey believes in somebody else at the end of the day, who am I to believe otherwise. In Dorsey I trust and in Dorsey we all should trust. He will make the right call on this one as he has done over the past year with every move he made.

Damn Dawg!

With Mayfield, Garrett, Chubb, Ward, Njoku, Landry, Randall, Peppers, Ogbah, Schobert, Callaway, Higgins, Ogunjobi, Avery, Bitonio, Johnson, Mitchell, Perriman, Tretter, Zeitler, I might be able to coach this team to the playoffs. Imagine what a Dorsey hired professional coach might do… hey Dawg… how about 16-0 !!!!

Join the 16-0 bandwagon now !!!