After an amazing – almost incredible – season, we take a short break from ESPN bias and look back at this year matchups. Even though our Browns ended up with a 7-8-1 record, we do believe that it should have been more like 10-6. In this series, we explore multiple scenarios that prove beyond any doubts that the Cleveland Browns ARE the REAL 2018 AFC North Champions.

Let’s take a closer look at Week I against Pittsburgh.

After a beige-colored training camp overexposed by the HBO cameras and the feeblest preseason the Pound could hope for, the season started on a bittersweet symphony. Despite the fact that our beloved Browns ended a 17-games losing streak – without winning though – we, dawgs, were really kept hungering after that tie against a D-graded Steelers team (pun intended).

The game started treacherously but still, after one quarter, the game was tied at 0. We also had already seen Denzel Ward’s first INT of the season which was probably a damaging hook in the gut for all of his 4th-overall-pick doubters. DW stands for Don’t Worry anyways..

The second quarter was Landry, Randall and Ward affair and whatnot. But still, 7-0 Pittsburgh at halftime.

In the third quarter, we had a glimpse into Chubb and Taylor’s mastery of running plays. But still, not enough mastery to give Chubb the starter role according to our former-none-future-1st ballot-hall-of-famer HC.

You see what I mean, right?

Hue didn’t.

21-1 Pittsburgh starting 4th quarter. Kind of an already-seen B movie plot.

AND YET, our Browns managed to come back, building on momentum, taking advantage of each and every Steelers mistakes. Then at 6:50, Garret making his season debut look like a Beethoven grandiose finale with a forced fumble on the wife-beater himself.

At this moment, I told myself:

«We’re not only coming back, we’re winning this one Baby!»

But then came the OT during which momentum literally killed himself.

AND YET, our Browns had a chance to take the game on the last play of the game. Of course at this exact moment we had no idea that Gonzalez was about to be fired, fall into a deep existential crisis and worse, end up with the Arizona Cardinals.

At the end of the day, what I’m really trying to say is:

What if Gonzalez didn’t miss?

1-0 instead of 0-0-1.

There’s only one thing to add

Join the 16-0 bandwagon now !!!