Since our first Moneyball 101 article release (link), we have seen multiple reactions by members of the Cleveland Browns fanbase and thought it would only be appropriate to address some of them in an aftermath review.


The believers


Were just sad we didn’t create the 19-0 bandwagon starts now instead. #superbowlchamps

“As long as we keep most off the receivers a draft 1-2 receivers or free agency receivers next yr and get better tight ends or the tight ends step up more next yr I definitely see him surpassing a lot of passing records next season”

You’re right, we should have added 6000 passing yards to the 56 TDs for Baker in our deep statistical prognostic, this one’s on us. Anyway, shouldn’t be that hard to surpass a Miami Dolphins QB…

“That’s the kind of attitude we need! 16 – 0 bandwagon starts now! Let’s do this!”

The 16-0 bandwagon sure is alive my friend! We even heard that Hue tried to jump on board last week but couldn’t figure out what a bandwagon meant…

“Browns are about to be the number one offensive team with the number one Ppg we seen a glimpse of them putting up 40”

For this one, we will simply quote another fan “Hell yess”



The doubters

“Only in madden”

Our first thought upon reading that comment was: We have to give it a shot right now, let’s get our Madden NFL 18 ready!! Then we realized that Bradygaga was the cover boy and that we would be treated as cheaters no matter wat the results ended up being.

“Be real guys I see a 10-6 season”

I think you need to take a look at this…

“Waiter I’ll have whatever he’s drinking”

Should have said eating since it’s baking time in #believeland

“Keep dreaming”

Where there’s a whisk, there’s a way #baker #kitchens

“Every rookie comes to earth in year 2; Mahomes will become mortal in 2019 and so will Mayfield; not saying he wont still have a good year, but if he throws 22 TD’s and 8 Ints, that will be more like a 2nd year players and more the norm.”

Did you read the article until the end? We’re being cautious with our projection of 56 TD. That being said, a cautious approach was necessary to cover for any sophomore slump Baker could have next year.

“Please stop this! You have raised the bar way too high! 11-5 gets them to the playoffs”

We’re the one who raised the bar? Or is it Baker who raised the bar when he broke the rookie season TD pass record in only 13 starts… Again, 56 was a cautious projection for his 2019 season.


Our first weekly winner

“Dumbest article I’ve ever read. They use Mahomes differential when he only played one meaningless game his rookie year.”

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There’s only one thing to add

Join the 16-0 bandwagon now !!!